The Mechanical Engineering Centennial Celebration March 2007


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Opening remarks and greetings on Friday will be by Tom Tyson and Chris Brennen and on Saturday by Paul Jennings. An ME72 competition/demo will be led by Erik Antonsson, and a presentation on the DARPA Grand Challenge will be given by Richard Murray. A history of ME at Caltech will be presented on Saturday by Erik Antonsson. Faculty presentations on Friday will include talks by Melany Hunt, Joel Burdick, Nadia Lapusta, and Dave Goodwin. Also, joining us at the Athenaeum Reception and Banquet will be Dr. Jean-Lou Chameau, President of Caltech, and Bill Gross, CEO of Idealab!. Below is a list our our invited alumni speakers with the titles of their lectures.


Invited Alumni Special Lectures

  • James J. Duderstadt (MS '65, PhD '68)
    The Future of Engineering Practice, Research, and Education; a 21st Century Flexner Report
  • James E. Hall (BS '57)
    The Development of the Chaparral Racing Car
  • Lon E. Bell (BS '62, MS '63, PhD '68)
    The Electric Car
  • Imran Kizilbash (BS '89, MS '89)
    The Future of Oil and Gas Exploration and Recovery
  • Ann R. Karagozian (BS '79, PhD '82)
    Fundamental Research and the Future of Energy and Propulsion Systems
  • Joseph Katz (MS '78, PhD '82)
    Digital Holography and Fluid Flow
  • Prashant K. Purohit (MS '98, PhD '02)
    Nanomechanics of Biological Structures—DNA, Membranes and Viruses
  • Garrett E. Reisman (MS '92, PhD '97)
    Robert I. Behnken (MS '93, PhD '97)
    Philip L. Engelauf (BS '78)
    On Manned Space Exploration
  • Peter C. Theisinger (BS '67)
    The 2003 Mars Exploration Rover Project: A Major Engineering Challenge


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